Plot of history of deposits of x-ray- and cryoEM structural data in the RSC Protein Data Bank

This animation plots deposits in the PDB of x-ray and cryoEM-determined structures as a function of molecular weight (x-axis), resolution (y-axis), and year (frame). Two data files of all the x-ray structures and cryoEM structures in the data base must be generated; the most recent of which mined by me are found in the above links. It is somewhat involved to mine this data, so a guide as to how I approached this can be found here if you want to generate your own files. 

These raw files are then parsed using the matlab code xrayCryoDataParse.m to generate files for each year. These are in turn used in the program xrayCryoEMdata.m to generate the animation. 

The most recent version was generated from data mined on 20.05.2022.