Reciprocal-space 3D plot of SSX data for first 1000 patterns 

This animation follows the data acquisition in SSX of lysozyme for the first 1000 diffraction patterns. The data file used is called ‘exptable2.dat’, and was generated by parsing the original CrystFEL data file ‘all.dat’, using a short matlab script ‘parseDataFile2.m’. The original file contains data from 14’500 patterns. Because the code becomes increasingly sluggish with the number of displayed patterns for reasons I have been unable to fathom, I limited the animation to the first 1000 captures. The sphere of reciprocal-space data points extends to a radius of approximately 3 Å-1, equating to a resolution of approximately 2 Å and covering some 110’000 (only partially complete) structure factors. 

Two versions are provided - one with the axes passing through the  origin, the other has a box-axis rendition. 

Thanks go to Tobias Weinert for providing the original CrystFEL data, recorded at the PX I beamline of the Swiss Light Source.