Cartoons of different radiation polarizations 

These animations are cartoons of plane-wave electromagnetic radiation propagating with different polarizations. In the program EMpropagation.m, the user is prompted to choose between a linearly polarized EM wave displaying both the E- and B-fields, and cartoons of horizontal linear, horizontal vertical, horizontal tilted, circular left, and circular right polarizations showing only the E-field. All cartoons propagate the radiation along two cycles. 

In the program EMforces.m, the electric and Lorentz (i.e., magnetic) forces are depicted for two electrons bathed in a linearly polarized electromagnetic plane wave, separated by a phase of from one another. 

Note that both matlab codes use a function mArrow3.m to generate fancy 3D arrows, which I downloaded from MathWorks File Exchange, and for which I credit Georg Stillfried.