These animations follow the change in bending magnet (BM) spectra (in units of ph/s/mrad2/0.1% bandwidth) on the one hand, as a function of Ee, the electrons’ energy in the storage ring, typically measured in GeV, and on the other, as a function of B, the bending magnet’s field strength, typically of the order of 1 T, reaching several Tesla for superbends. The matlab codes prompt you to enter the range of Ee (or B) to be plotted, the step size from spectral curve to curve, the magnetic-field strength (or storage-ring energy), and the storage-ring current. The downloadable animations were created using the default parameters of 1.6 to 8 GeV in 0.1 GeV steps, 1.4 T field, and 0.8 to 8 T in 0.1 T steps, in a 3-GeV storage ring, respectively. Both assumed a 400 mA current. 

The curves are created from standard equations describing BM-radiation, provided in detail e.g., in the Appendix of a review of synchrotron radiation by R. P. Walker 

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Matlab codes

Dependence of bending-magnet spectra on storage-ring energy
and magnetic field